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Vijayanjali Acupressure Center is run by certified acupressure therapists from Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad. The center is affiliated with the Allahabad Sansthan as well.

Every week, an acupressure expert from the Sansthan arrives at the Lucknow center to share new research. All cases are studied and discussed by the team and a senior therapist is available all the time. This is a special arrangement to ensure the best treatment for patients.

Each patient is given personal attention and follow up is ensured.

The center is located at a very approachable location as shown in the map on the Contact Us page. We offer you a comfortable AC room to  wait your turn.

We treat over 60 patients every day. Patients with a wide range of ailments including acute infections and digestive disorders, chronic problems such as kidney failure, cervical and lumbar issues, knee pain, skin diseases, hormonal diseases such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance, fertility, physical and meta-physical issues are treated successfully at the center.

We’ve also helped people get deaddicted from tobacco, smoking and alcohol.

Being semi-charitable, the center offers affordable treatment to one and all, charging only Rs.150 per week besides the cost of materials used. There is no additional cost if patients need treatment for more than one medical issue.

At Vijayanjali Acupressure Center, our goal is to help more and more people find relief or cure through effective and affordable acupressure therapy.