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Acupressure is derived from Acu+Pressure, meaning applying force on a point as small as a needle. The therapy has two aspects – the treatment point existing in the body and the method used to treat the point.

At Vijayanjali Acupressure Center, we treat patients with Magnet Therapy, Color Therapy, Seed Therapy and Pressure Therapy.

Acupressure therapy has helped some of our patients regain their dignity and spirit after years of pain and suffering. People come with spine-related problems, fractures, seasonal allergies, severe infections, injuries, hormonal ailments, blood-related sicknesses, fertility issues, auto-immune diseases, malignant tumors, and such. Acupressure has a cure or relief for all of them.

Magnet Therapy

When pressure on points is applied with magnets, we call it magnet therapy. Different kinds of magnets are used such as star magnets, small or large round magnets (for children or adults) and big magnets to cover larger surface area. The north/south pole of the magnet increases or decreases the energy of the points – as per the therapist’s diagnosis and application.

We have seen cases where patients come to the center with the support of their relatives but after magnet therapy, they leave without any support.

Color Therapy

Acupressure points can also be stimulated or sedated with color therapy. Different colors in the sun’s rays give different energy to our body. By applying color on points, we try to focus these energies on the afflicted points, and in correspondence to the affected organ. Color therapy has shown results in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.

Seed Therapy

Pressure is applied on acupressure points on the hands and feet using seeds of various shapes. Seeds such as chana (gram) dal, chickpea, rajma (kidney beans), methi (fenugreek), matar (dried peas), moong dal, etc., are used to apply pressure. Small stones can also be used in the absence of seeds. The shape of the seed used often has correlation with the organ under treatment. For example, kidney beans for kidney issues, matar for spinal issues, etc.

Pressure Therapy

Acupressure therapists apply pressure on hands, feet or other parts of the body such as arms and legs with their thumbs and fingers. Wooden jimmy or steel or brass probes are also used to discover nodes (afflicted points) and massage them. It is important to apply pressure with limited force so as not to damage the skin.