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If you have any kind of body or mind related problem, come for acupressure treatment. If you do not know what your problem is, don’t worry. Our acupressure therapists are skilled in reading the signs of illness from your body language, tongue, and specific behavior.

If you have a diagnosis of your condition from an allopathic doctor or any other discipline, bring the reports, X-rays, etc., when you come to the Center. Correct diagnosis speeds up the recovery process.

Please Note

The treatment must be taken at least 5 days in a week. We are open all 7 days for your convenience.

Magnets need to be applied at least 8-10 hours in a day. The sessions are held in the evening so the magnets can work overnight.

Depending on the kind of medical problem you face, organ affected, age, and severity of  your condition, acupressure treatment may need to be taken for days, weeks, months or years (for management of the disease). In case of prolonged therapy, patients are trained to self-administer the treatment. Also, if travel is not easy or convenient, patients are trained after a week of treatment at the center.


Being a semi-charitable center, we charge Rs. 150 for a week of treatment, plus the cost of materials. Some cases are treated for free. Our goal is to relieve or cure the problems of patients.