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Q1. How does acupressure treatment work?

Diseases manifest in our body and mind when critical balance of energy is lost. With acupressure treatment, we reduce or increase the energy of points that map to specific parts of our body so that the cause of the problem is removed.

The improvement in condition is clearly visible in medical reports.

Q2. What kind of problems does acupressure treatment help with?
Acupressure treatment works on all diseases – physical and metaphysical. It is effective for chronic and acute problems, some of which do not have any cure in allopathy (such as diabetes).

Q3. How is acupressure therapy given?
Acupressure therapy is given with magnets, colors, seeds or pressure (usually only for immediate relief). You need to come for the treatment every day, at least 5 times a week. The points need to be applied at least 8-10 hours a day. That is why the center is open all 7 days.

In the case of colors, sometimes, you see improvement in as little as 30-40 minutes. It is a very powerful therapy and can often be applied by the patients themselves. However, not all problems can be treated with color.

Q4. Is there a 100% guarantee of the treatment?
Yes. This seems like a bold statement but this is what our experience, study and research shows. The reason treatments do not work as expected is either because of a misdiagnosis or the case where the condition (such as a cancer) has progressed beyond recovery stage. Even in such cases, acupressure therapy helps the patients manage pain and distress to an extent that they can lead a dignified and self-reliant life as long as possible.

We have many dialysis patients at the center. Usually, these patients would be bed-ridden and fatigued after the process. But with magnet therapy, they are able to go about their daily tasks with stamina and energy. This influences the mental well-being of patients as well. Over time, patients can reduce the number of times dialysis is needed.

It is important to take treatment from certified acupressure therapists for effective and long-term treatment.

Q5. Does acupressure help with acute diseases such as chickenguniya, malaria, etc.?
Yes, acupressure treatment can cure diseases such as dengue, chickenguniya, malaria, hepatitis, jaundice, kidney failure, H1N1, etc.

Q6. Does acupressure help with infections?
Infections happen when the heat of the body is inappropriate. With acupressure therapy, we control the heat in the body to eliminate the infection. Infections could be viral, bacterial or fungal; mild or severe; acute or chronic.

Q7. Does acupressure help with allergies?
Seasonal allergies such as asthma, food allergies, skin and hair allergies are all treated successfully with acupressure therapy. With magnet, color and pressure therapy, our immune system becomes stronger.

Q8. Does acupressure help with bone related problems?
Yes, with high success rate. All bone related disorders and spine related issues are treated with acupressure points. Cervical and lumbar disorders have no treatment in allopathy except management. But with acupressure therapy, patients can get cured completely.

Q9. Does acupressure help with metabolic disorders?
Yes. Acupressure treatment helps with all metabolic disorders including cholesterol, platelet, diabetes, uric acid issues, and more.

Q10. Does acupressure help with organ related disorders?
Surgeries can often be avoided with timely and disciplined acupressure treatment. Cases of fibroids and tumors can be completely resolved with acupressure without the need to go under the knife.

Q11. How does acupressure help with women related problems?
We have successfully helped women overcome problems related to menstrual cycles, fibroids and tumors in the uterus. Fertility issues can be resolved with acupressure therapy, you don’t need to take steroidal and hormonal medicines that come with their own side effects.

Q12. Can acupressure help in old age related problems?
Acupressure can help people live a happy life for a longer time. Apart from one point acupressure treatment, acupressure reduces the speed of degeneration of organs, tissue and muscle. This allows old people to live a higher quality life where they can manage a lot of their daily work without depending on other people.

Q13. Does acupressure work for children also?
Acupressure can help children’s developmental growth – mind and body. Acupressure points can help with hyperactive children, special children as well as CP children or simply cases where children have low concentration and stamina, low appetite, obesity, etc.

Acupressure treatment can be safely given to a one day old infant as well.

Q14. Can acupressure help differently abled or CP kids?
Acupressure helps differently abled children live higher quality lives by helping them manage the symptoms of their specific conditions. For example, extreme hyperactivity can be controlled.

Major research is going on in acupressure therapy in this area. There have been major developments where acupressure treatment is given that work directly on the brain.

Q15. Does acupressure therapy have side effects?
If an acupressure treatment – say, the application of magnets – does not suit a patient, the effect is felt in 2-3 minutes. Patient will feel restless, develop some pain or headache. We observe patients to check for this. Beyond this, there are no side effects. In fact, acupressure therapy often ends up helping patients with more than one problem.

At the worst, a treatment may not work (because of a misdiagnosis perhaps). But it will not cause any harm.

Q16. How long does acupressure treatment take to cure a problem?
Disturbances in energies need time to get back to normal. In the case of seasonal issues such as cold and cough, a week long treatment is usually enough. For blood-related problems, acupressure treatment can take 3 months. Bone-related problems need acupressure therapy of 6 months to a year. Hereditary issues may need life-long treatment.

The important thing to remember here is that treating acupressure points cures the root of the problem. So your problem does not recur once the treatment is complete. Of course, patients must follow the treatment as advised for results to show.

Q17. Does acupressure therapy help with addictions?
In the case of alcohol, tumbaku and cigarette addiction, acupressure points help to reduce the affected organ’s craving for the poison by making the organ stronger. However, without the patient’s voluntary wish to get rid of an addiction, no treatment can prove successful. But, yes, deaddiction can be supported with acupressure therapy.

Q18. Does acupressure help with stress management?
Yes. A lot of young people today suffer from problems like migraine, allergies, stress, etc. All these can be cured with acupressure points. We ascertain the cause of the stress and give acupressure therapy accordingly.

Q19. Is acupressure costly?
Acupressure is not a costly treatment compared to traditional hospital treatments. In India, acupressure therapists are working for charity or as a profession. Professionally, they may charge an amount per day and this will vary across cities.

Q20. How can I get treated at Vijayanjali Acupressure Center?
Please call any of the numbers provided at the top of the website. These are also available on the Contact Us page. In case, your call is not answered, you can send an SMS or Whatsapp message and we will get back to you. You can also walk in directly but may have to wait. Directions to the Center can be obtained from Google Map on the Contact Us page again.

Please bring your medical reports, history, etc., if they are available.

Q21. If I want to learn acupressure therapy, what should I do?
Many universities in India offer diplomas, certificate courses and associate degrees on acupressure therapy. You can get details on the Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad website. Acupressure centers and acupressure practitioners that are affiliated to registered Sansthans also offer training, in consultation with the Sansthan. We are currently offering a 6-month certificate course for acupressure healing at our center. Enrollments are open from 6th November 2016. Interested people can call ANITA AGARWAL-9839022566 or ANJULI-9450412606 for details.

Q21. Can COVI19 be treated or prevented with acupressure?
Yes. Please watch this video to apply colour therapy to the points. This will protect us from COVID19, treat it, and reduce the side effects.